Important Update from Mr. Big Stuff!

Folks, after 16+ years of rockin' and partyin' hard, Mr. Big Stuff is ready to hang up the ol' fedora.  We have a couple of dates remaining on the calendar (please check them out - we'd love to see you!), but we will not be adding any more engagements beyond those already booked, and will bid our public farewell on December 19, 2015, fittingly at Rascal's Bar and Grill, a tremendous establishment that has shown us nothing but love and support.  The members of the band will be moving on to other pursuits - musical and otherwise - and we know we'll be seeing you somewhere down the road.  For all of your support and enthusiasm through the years, we cannot thank you enough!  From those first formative gigs back in '99, when the potential was apparent and we were getting up to speed, to the band's heyday as a Stateline festival powerhouse, it's been a hell of a ride. 

Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are?  Just a bunch of lucky fellas who were able to share our love of great music with some really wonderful folks.  We wish you all the best.  Life is too short to settle for bad music - seek out, embrace and promote the good stuff.  Tell your friends when you hear a great band - better yet, invite them to go along to see a show; share that awesome CD or old vinyl with others to spread the word; if you can afford to, hire a band instead of a DJ for your party; and if the spirit moves you, go up to the bandstand and tell 'em you think they're doing a good job - it's even better than money!  Well, almost...! 

Let's Party!

In 1971 soul singer Jean Knight posed the musical question, “Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are?”  40 years later, if that question were asked of this stateline octet, winners of RAMI and On the Waterfront Best of Rockford awards, the answer might well be difficult to pin down.  Mr. Big Stuff, the band ( does not spend a lot of time trying to put a label on itself to define “who do they think they are?”  They let the music, and a growing group of loyal fans, do the talking. 


From the band's inception in 1999, the word "explosive" has been used repeatedly to describe the sonic impact of their music, which exploits the dynamic drive of a three-piece horn section (the Big Stuff Horns) and a tight, funky rhythm section.  With a repertoire of dozens of covers of both popular and obscure tunes dating from the heyday of swing to the modern era, the band delves into genres of pop, rock, funk, swing, R&B, disco, soul and even punk with equal facility and with a consistent objective - keep 'em dancing!  


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